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Miknas Trading is one of the established group in the fields of construction, industrial, manufacturing and trading. Minas trading is the Subsidiary of Promoseven Holdings established in July 1989 by the founder and chairman Mr. Akram Miknas. Promoseven Holdings is the parent company for some of the leading marketing communications, hospitality and real estate companies that dominate the Middle East and North African region. Forkoll ® is one of our proud division that has been manufacturing and marketing mortars, premixed plasters and adhesives for the construction industry. In the growing phase, it has evolved more and more, it now presents a new company and modern addition to market their products for several years, is committed and specialized in the design, processing, and the manufacture of the same.

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Historically the glues for construction were obtained from animal tissues working parts of bones, hides and connective tissue to obtain a substance used for adhering between their surfaces composed of different material. The technological revolution has allowed us to produce synthetic glues of thermosetting and thermoplastic properties. unthinkable In the case of the Forkoll glues, Forkoll, the search for innovative technological materials has enabled excellent results in any material (stone, wood, ceramic, terracotta, etc..) And for the production of sealants seal for hydraulic use, requestet a lot for the construction of swimming pools . The adhesives Forkoll with powerful adhesive properties and excellent performance when applying, are requestet a lot. In many cases, experience can help, and in particular applications may need the advice of a consultant Forkoll which is able to suggest the product with the best price/quality value, depending on the size and surfaces to be bonded, the time available for bonding, the cleaning of the parts, the temperature of use and place of application. The adhesives already provide excellent performance in terms of torsion, chemical resistance or waterproof, but only if used properly.

Additive Line

Additives are substances used to give consistency to the product to which they are associated. in the formulation of paints, finishes and protective coatings those are added to increase the dispersion of the pigment. Additives FORKOLL have the characteristic to improve the film formation and viscosity; increasing salt-stability of the paintings and their brilliance, water resistance and resistance to rain and are also used as antifoaming substances or thickeners. Due to their mode of operation, the polymer dispersions are ideal for bonding, refine or protect objects from possible events that could ruin them. From the research, chemical and field, made in a decade of work, has reached a level of highly effective performance.

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